forgot for a minute what airport it was,

glanced over at the man that cut me in line to ask,

instead I watched him download a song,

in two hours I’ll be in another city of stick figures and exit signs with fair-weather friends that don’t know my stomach,

summer time,

and there’s nothing to show for us except a brush in a bag,

old hair and a new bathroom, (we left in a hurry)

if they ask I’ll make something up to even out the monster,

but kudos to you,

packing your dresses and finding a new bagman to ask questions to,

“that was easy” button and a gift card from Ma to buy the mall,

it takes you nothing to eat with anyone.

(and it takes me everything)

#poet #joeypalestina #writer #artandprozak #europe #travel #cybercrushsundaysandroastedonions #cyberworld

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