we always do

I caught you,

those childhood things,

they’re written on your skin,

The way you look into the lens,

to the boys with beers, you’re queen of the screen,

but your car’s a mess and your stomach is gassy,

Your mother’s long gone,

you’re not sure if she did right by you,

or you her,

You sliced off half your torso that day in the mountains,

when you go back, your high school hair is waiting for you at the dive,

the basement where you were broken by Johnny Sweetheart,

you loved him in a way you haven’t been able to recapture,

jump-off-the-cliff-type love,

a towel for two that you leave on the rocks,

shitty weed and a corona light,

If you’re on the right end of a high you can walk on water,

and the cyber lads keep it coming like Spanish restaurants Down Neck,

bring you soup and a lottery ticket on repeat,

henchmen looking to paint your toe nails,

But I caught you, in your bathroom, mold on the floor,

your real hair is a boring brown,

So come with me for a little,

we can watch movies and you can put your head on my shoulder,

we can be old timers,

I’ll kiss your neck until you cry

and tell you a story about how our lives end,

it starts with, “we always do”,

In the meantime, somewhere hot,

a hotel room with fans, pink wallpaper and good fruit,

2pm tequila and chips,

We forgot to take pictures.

#cyberworld #joeypalestina #artist #poetry

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