a full length play 



mental floss!

an animated series spanning a lifetime

created by Joey Palestina and Nicholas Setteducato 

From music to film/theater to directing to acting to writing to interviews/podcasts, Joey has collaborated with some of the most beautiful and genuine artists on Earth. And like most artists, they live within the cracks of life, day to day, doing all the things.


Perhaps you've heard of em, perhaps you haven't. Nevertheless, they create, and also help his brain navigate the world.


They have been there for the first drafts and the last. 


Collaborative Artists and Companies

Spencer Miles, Steve Kelly, Nicholas Setteducato, LAByrinth Theater Company, Franky Gonzalez, Alfredo Narciso, Joseph Galione, Pierfrancesco Baccaro, Kyle Seagraves, Art & Prozak, Omni Kitts Ferrera, Phillip Casale, Kelly O'Donnell, Lyssa Mandel, Molly Collier, Alyssa Kempinski, Biko-Eisen Martin, Kara Young, Stephen Chopek, Tim Alworth, Adam Arcano, Zachary Spicer, Brian Parks, Ryan Salisbury, Alissa Ranzano, Ale Mesa, Samantha Mellina, Nick Gaeta, Sidney Williams, Aimee Danchise, Kathryn McGuire.

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